Qualcomm Snapdragon Xr1 Could Mean Longer Battery Life For Vr Ar Headsets

Our review of the $199 Oculus Go, is pretty much in a single line “The bad: Two  hour battery life.” It is one the 1st compelling VR headset’s which so economical that one can carry it around everywhere without any hesitation, but short battery life is a big drawback. There are reports from Bloomberg, that the new yet to be announced Qualcomm Snapdragon XR1 processor will make it easier to build VR and AR headsets which will be cheaper and also thriftier with respect to their battery life.

Of course, these chips are not going to be used in every headset as Apple and Samsung usually use their own processors for their phones, and there are rumors about Apple’s and Samsung’s upcoming hybrid VR/AR headsets, that they will use home baked processors also. There are claims from Magic leap as well, that they have designed their own chip for their Magic Leap One.

Qualcomm hasn’t replied to the comments.

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