Nintendo Just Filed A Trademark For A Classic Game Console The N64

Nintendo’s announcement about the Super Nintendo Classic edition made fans go mad. Mad for both, the mini and the retro console as well, but what does it mean: Nintendo releasing the NES Classic and an SNES Classic means they are preparing to launch the throwback versions of all its major consoles. Fans are hopeful that Nintendo 64 will be next.

Nintendo just trademarked in Japan, do you know what?

Yes it’s true! The Nintendo 64! Japanese Nintendo saw a Nintendo 64 trademark application which has both controllers and software. This is not the first time that the company has hinted at the 64 bit console in its Classic line. Nintendo applied for a graphical trademark for an icon depicting the N64’s iconic three pronged controller, similar to the NES Classic logo.

It’s very exciting, but one can’t be very sure that Nintendo 64 is actually coming up. Companies such as Nintendo register trademarks on a regular basis for future prospective and in order to protect the older intellectual property.

Also, N64 Classic is the toughest throwback console for the Nintendo to re produce. Its most loved games like the Golden Eye, Donkey Kong 64, Banjo  Kazooie, and Perfect Dark were then developed by Rare, a studio which is now owned by Nintendo’s biggest competitor, Microsoft.

Still, by chance if Nintendo can work out the rights issues, we would be more than happy.

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