Chrome Will Resume Blocking Web Audio In October

Google recently re tracked from a chrome feature which blocked autoplaying audio on particular websites, but this feature is expect to be back in October.

Autoplay blocking was planned to make the web experience more blissful and to rein in push websites, but with it came a drawback, that it as obstructing a number of web based games in chrome. Hence, it has been disabled temporarily and the autoplay video is still working in Chrome 66.

As announced by the Chrome’s developer account on Twitter, on Wednesday, the autoplay audio blocking will be back with Chrome 70 in October.

This post proves that Google is in no mood to backturn, even after the recent problems, in order to improve the web in totality. Even Mozilla’s Firefox, Brave Software’s Brave and Apple’s Safari, are becoming more assertive by sometimes blocking video, audio, ads and behavior tracking software on the web.

Autoplay blocking in chrome is based on a pre prepared list of 1000 sites, which is personalized depending on what one does in Chrome. Google also gives advice to web developers about how to get people to enable audio: “One cool way to engage users [involves] using muted autoplay and [letting] them chose to unmute,” Chrome Team member François Beaufort said. “Some websites already do this effectively, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.”

We are not sure if Google is making any changes in Chrome itself. Google hasn’t responded to the request for comment.

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